Vision, Mission, and Values


Palestine House- Toronto aims to connect the key values of Palestinians, which are family solidarity, honor, and hospitality with principal values of Canadian people; fairness, democracy, inclusion, and diversity. We strongly oppose to discrimination and provide a safe, positive, and diverse environment to all our members. The volunteerism, dialogue, responsibility, and commitment to community service keep our multicultural community center strong and we keep on growing thanks to the efforts of our members.


The goal of the Palestine House- Toronto is to create an empowering, safe community for Palestinian-Canadians, as well as all the other members of our Toronto community center. We strive to support all members through innovative programs and events that keep us connected to our heritage, while we contribute to Canadian society.



Establishing a safe platform that all Canadian-Palestinians will rely on for their best interest.


Teaching new generations about their homeland and keeping youth informed about the origins. Reinforcing the Palestinian culture through our events and courses; keeping the traditional values in the minds of Canadian-Palestinian children.


Uniting Canadian-Palestinians of all backgrounds, regardless of the place of birth, religion, race, or any other differences. Promoting diversity and acceptance. Establishment Strengthening the ties and integration of the Palestinian-Canadian Community into the Canadian Society.